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Microflex Engine Efficiency

Protect your cars injectors with the Microflex fuel additive and protection, and help combat the effects of the new E10 fuel.

Microflex - Petrol 
974 Fuel additive with injector protection


When used regularly the petrol additive protects injectors, with ROA2 technology, against fuel-related deposits. Minimising the consumption and exhaust emissions values. When added to the fuel tank, the fuel is proven to remain within the DIN EN 228 fuel standard.

Protection Against the New E10 Fuel

E10 fuel has an increase of 5% ethanol from the previous unleaded fuel -  it is made up of 90% regular unleaded and 10% ethanol.

Over time E10 fuel can cause corrosion of the metal components within the fuel system which may cause performance issues and even worse failures of some seals, gaskets, injectors, metals and plastics components. Although later vehicles will run on E10, they will still be affected by the waxy growth that can occur on the injector tips. Ethanol will create excess moisture inside the fuel system which may also cause additional running issues. Solvent based fuel treatments will not be able to counteract all of the E10 fuel issues.

The 974 Injector Direct Protection helps combat the negative effects of E10 fuel. The powerful cleaning formulas provides effective protection against E10 related deposits and leaves a molecularly active protective film layer to delay recontamination.Moisture is safely carried through the combustion process, reducing the risk of damage to engine parts due to alcohol corrosion and water contamination. This product also increases the octane number to prevent "knocking" and prevent engine damage.

Suitable for all petrol (ethanol) mixtures (Euro 6).


Microflex - Diesel
 Fuel additive with injector protection

When used regularly, the diesel additive protects injectors, with ROA2 technology. This minimise the consumption and emissions values. When added to the fuel tank, the fuel is proven to remain within the DIN EN590 fuel standard. Suitable for all (bio-)diesel mixtures.

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